This website is about my life in South Africa.

After commuting between Sweden and South Africa for more than 7 years, I retired and stays here more permanently. My new hometown is Nelspruit, the capital of the Mpumalanga province in the north-east of South Africa. Most of the province is on the Highveld, but Nelspruit is located in the Lowveld, which has a subtropical climate. Johannesburg is 330 km to the west and Maputo, the capital of Mozambique lies 200 km to the east.

This site will not have a lot of text, but hundreds of pictures. Some of them with a short caption.

If you don't know where my home is, then try this link to find out!

By the way... Why Swesar? When I was getting this domain registered it was supposed to be Swersa. "Swe" for Sweden, "rsa" for Republic of South Africa, but since I ordered it from here, I had to supply the registration forms, copy of my passport etc, a few times, and in the final application for the domain I made a typo! But, anyway, South African Republic is not too bad, and Swesar is easier to say than Swersa.

One of my favourite views - The Olifants River from the Olifants Camp.

The weather in Nelspruit now